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Guests: Gabe Riggs, Director of Enterprise Applications and Development at Norton Healthcare

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In this episode, we focus on breaking down silos between departments with the objective of bringing better experiences to our consumers and patients.

Our guest this week is Gabe Riggs, the Director of Enterprise Applications and Development at Norton Healthcare. Gabe oversees the Information Systems teams that support all 3rd-party non-clinical applications for the organization as well as custom software and web development. In other words, Gabe is fully on the IT/IS side of the world. But Gabe started his career on the marketing side of the Norton hospital system, and as a result, has been able to do some great things in terms of promoting collaboration between marketing and IT at Norton Healthcare.

One thing that comes up consistently in our interviews on the Crux Points podcast is the importance of breaking down silos in an organization in order to create better experiences for our audiences. And two silos that come up fairly often are IT and marketing. Gabe is a great person to take a deeper dive into this subject. Look forward to hearing:

  • The importance of being humble and identifying shared objectives when collaborating between departments
  • How he worked to bridge the chasm between marketing and IT at Norton
  • And what a focus on innovation looks like inside a hospital system.

A lot of great insight for all leaders, as co-department collaboration is becoming key to almost every initiative. Please enjoy!

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