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Guests: Suzanne Delbanco, Executive Director, Catalyst for Payment Reform and Anna Fallieras, Program Leader, Healthcare Initiatives and Policy, GE

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In this episode, healthcare’s transition to value-based care is the subject of the day.

Our guests for this episode are Suzanne Delbanco and Anna Fallieras of Catalyst for Payment Reform. Catalyst for Payment Reform is an independent, non-profit corporation working on behalf of large health care purchasers, such as large employers, to catalyze improvements to how we pay for health services and to promote better and higher value care in the U.S. Suzanne is the Executive Director of Catalyst for Payment Reform and was previously the founding CEO of the Leapfrog group while Anna is the Program Leader for Health Care Initiatives and Policy at GE, where she founded Catalyst for Payment Reform. Anna was previously Vice President of Market Development at United Health Group.

The transition to value-based care is something we all hear about quite a bit, but no one is quite sure is how we’re going to get there. To that end, Suzanne and Anna bring many insights around what the journey to value-based care will look like. Look forward to hearing:

  • The importance of transparency in terms of driving value in healthcare
  • How they are driving towards more value-oriented payment and what that means
  • And how Susan and Anna see healthcare evolving over the next five years

This episode is a must listen for anyone who wants to better understand what a transition to value-based care really means. Please enjoy!

Catalyst for Payment Reform:

Report Card on State Transparency Laws:

National Scorecard on Payment Reform:

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