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Guest: Erinne Dyer, Healthcare marketer and strategist

Show details:

In this episode, we’re discussing the evolution of hospital system marketing with Erinne Dyer, healthcare marketer and strategist.

Erinne began her career as a human performance consultant with Accenture and then transitioned into sales and public affairs, working for companies including Eli Lily. She then joined Cleveland Clinic and became director, corporate communications, gaining extensive experience in national media relations, crisis communications and health care system messaging. Most recently, she was vice president of corporate communications, marketing and outreach for Carolinas HealthCare System, specializing in enterprise-wide marketing, communications and community outreach activities, with an emphasis on system growth, strategic partnerships and reputation management. She was responsible for building a unified enterprise brand that aligned to the organization’s strategic vision and goals, including the implementation of the system’s first Customer Relationship Management system, measurable ROI on marketing, communications and outreach and the establishment of the system’s first community health infrastructure.

It’s fair to say that Erinne is a true change agent – she is always looking for ways to take healthcare marketing to the next level. Today, she’s going to share some of her best practices with us and where she sees healthcare marketing going. Look forward to hearing:

  • Why hospital marketing has been turned upside down
  • The three ways that marketing in hospitals systems needs to be redefined
  • And how marketers can approach rebuilding their teams in this new era

Another great listen for healthcare marketers. Please enjoy!

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