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 Guest: Dr. Steven Spalding, Chief Clinical Integration and Medical Officer at Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Show details:

In this episode, we look at how children’s hospitals are managing the transition to value-based care with Dr. Steven Spalding, Chief Clinical Integration and Medical Officer and Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Spalding joined Phoenix Children’s in August of 2015 from the Cleveland Clinic where he served as medical director of business intelligence. In his role with Phoenix Children’s, he works closely with the leadership of Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Phoenix Children’s Medical Group and the Phoenix Children’s Care Network in the development and execution of a comprehensive, system-wide strategy to support their transformation to value-based reimbursement care.   

As you might imagine, transitioning to value-based care for children’s healthcare is quite a bit different than transitioning to value-based care for adults. Listeners can look forward to Dr. Spalding sharing his thoughts on a number of important subjects, including:  

  • How the healthcare industry is similar and dissimilar to other categories in the service industry, such as retail and restaurants.
  • What aspects of his organization’s culture contribute to excellence in patient experience
  • How approaches to value-based care differ between child and adult populations

We learned a lot during this episode and we think you will as well. Enjoy!

Phoenix Children’s Hospital

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