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Crux Points podcast episode #33: Insights from healthcare's leading Twitter community
Guest:  Colin Hung, Co-founder and moderator of the #HCLDR community

Show details:

In this episode, we’re going to have a wide-ranging discussion around a number of important subjects in healthcare with Colin Hung.

We all know that social media has become an important part of healthcare – it’s a place where patients and consumers go to share their experiences, research their afflictions, providers and diagnoses, and connect with others who maybe on similar journeys. But social media – and especially twitter – is also a place where healthcare leaders gather to share stories, best practices, come up with new ideas and learn from each other. And Colin is a leader in that movement.

Colin is the founder and moderator of the Healthcare Leader group on twitter, or how it is commonly known - #HCLDR. #HCLDR is a community of people who have a passion for improving healthcare and includes physicians, nurses, CEOs, IT folks, caregivers and more from around the world.

If you follow the hashtag HCLDR, you’ll see the discussion in the group in ongoing, but the key element of the group is a weekly tweetchat that takes place each Tuesday at 8:30 pm ET. Each tweetchat focused on a key subject in healthcare.

If you are familiar with Colin’s prolific presence on Twitter, you might be surprised to learn that he also has a day job. Colin has been involved in software and IT for 20 years, focusing the last ten years on healthcare. Over the years, he’s helped design and launch over a dozen health and healthcare related products, including solutions for everything from risk management, to claims processing to patient feedback, and patient engagement. And today, Colin is the Vice-President of Marketing for Stericyle Communication Solutions.

However, in this episode, our focus is on Colin’s side job, as it were. We’re going to dig deep into some interesting topics that the #HCLDR group has covered in the recent months.

This is going to be a really interesting conversation with Colin. Listeners can look forward to hearing:

  • Why social media is the big equalizer in healthcare innovation – and why on social media titles don’t matter
  • Why inclusive design is key to success in change management
  • Colin’s thoughts on whether or not patient experience has devolved, and where it needs to go in the future
  • Why the sunk cost fallacy is such an issue in healthcare
  • Colin’s thoughts on if the designers of price transparency tools overshot their goals.

We cover a lot of topics and learn a lot. We hope you enjoy the episode.


#HCLDR on Twitter

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