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Crux Points podcast episode #30: The role of technology in caring for chronically ill populations

Guest:Ron Geraty, MD; CEO of AxisPoint Health

Show details:

In this episode, our topic is population health. We all know that as healthcare transitions from fee-for-service to value-based care that successful population health efforts will be key to success – especially for chronically ill populations.

Today’s guest is an expert in this area. Dr. Ron Geraty could be considered a pioneer in care management and population health. Dr. Geraty joined Alere Health in 2001 – before most of us know what population health was – and led that company’s growth from $1.2 million of revenue to over $500 million in just eight years. Last year, Dr. Geraty joined AxisPoint Health to lead their efforts around managing the care of the chronically ill.

We’re looking forward to a great conversation with Dr. Geraty as we discuss the challenges associated with caring for the chronically ill and how Dr. Geraty sees population health evolving in the future.

Listeners to this episode can look forward to hearing:

  • Dr. Geraty’s view on the role technology plays in population health today.
  • Why technology isn’t a trade-off for the human experience in healthcare.
  • Why denial and depression are the two biggest threats to treatment adherence.
  • Why it is so important to identify the chronically ill patient’s natural caregiver.

Look forward to a very interesting conversation with Dr. Geraty. We hope you enjoy it.

AxisPoint Health

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