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Guest: John Adractas, Chief Growth and Marketing Officer, Simplee

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In this episode, we’re focusing on a very specific part of the patient experience – the financial patient experience.

We’re not ready to call the financial phase of the patient experience the ‘forgotten’ part of the patient experience, but it certainly doesn’t get the attention that other elements of the experience get. But it is important. For instance, a 2013 TransUnion Healthcare survey found that patients who have a positive billing experience five higher marks for the quality of care they receive compared to those who have a negative experience. And, another study from Connance found that patients who had a negative billing experience were 5x more likely to complain about that experience to another patient.

Today’s guest knows that patient financial experience as well as anyone. John Adractas from Simplee will be joining us to talk about all aspects of the patient financial experience – from understanding costs prior to care to the often confusing billing process. John will share his perspective on why the financial patient experience has become so key to patient satisfaction over the last several years. He’ll also share his thoughts on the steps that healthcare organizations can take to improve their own financial patient experience. Listeners can look forward to learning:

  • Why improving the billing process is just the first step to a better patient financial experience
  • The role price transparency plays in the financial patient experience
  • How a positive patient financial experience leads to more patient loyalty

We really enjoyed our conversation with John. We hope you do as well.


John Adractas on Twitter:

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