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As consumers increasingly turn to digital platforms to interact with healthcare brands, it is important to reach and respond to those individuals. In this episode, Chris Pace, Director of Digital Strategy at Dignity Health, shares with us how Dignity health is leveraging digital channels to improve their patient experience.

Dignity rebranded in 2012 – really just as healthcare consumerism was beginning to gain momentum. So, Chris has an interesting perspective – not just on how Dignity and their well-known “Hello Humankindness” tagline was rolled out, but also on how the organization has taken steps to better connect with consumers – especially through digital channels.

In this episode, listeners can look forward to hearing:

  • How Dignity moved from a portfolio of silo’s hospitals to a new, cohesive and connected brand.
  • The different strategies Dignity utilizes to communicate with the person they refer to as the “Chief Medical Officer of the home.”
  • The role that reputation management plays in optimizing HCAHPs scores

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