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Retail health has been a growing segment of the marketplace recently, and now hospital systems are entering the field. In this episode, we will talk to Christi McCarren about how her retail health strategy is expanding access to MultiCare Health System across geographic and generational lines. We also explore the creation of MultiCare’s new urgent care initiative, Indigo, and how it fits into their broader retail health service line.

Christi McCarren joined MultiCare in 1980. She has 36 years of healthcare experience, 29 of which have been in management and administrative roles. As SVP of Retail Health and Community Based Care at MultiCare, her responsibilities include all service lines, post-acute care, retail and virtual health. She received her Master in Business Administration from Washington State University. She is a registered nurse in Washington and a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality.

When you listen to this episode, you can look forward to learning:

  • How success is healthcare is no longer just about patient referrals
  • How MultiCare had to shift their approach to marketing, and even staffing, to launch their new urgent care brand
  • How she is working towards becoming the Starbucks of urgent care and the Amazon of healthcare

This is a fascinating episode and we hope you enjoy every minute of it!

Links from the show:

Indigo Urgent Care

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