Michael Atanasio, Food and Nutrition Services Manager at Overlook Medical Center, joins the podcast to talk about the role food plays in the patient experience. Look forward to learning how Michael manages patients’ increasing expectations around food while keeping costs manageable as well as his advice for hospitals that want to enhance and improve their food program.

Dr. Amy Baxter, Pediatrician and founder of Buzzy joins the podcast to talk about managing the patient’s pain. Look forward to Amy sharing why there’s been such an increase in needle-phobia for those born after 1982, as well as three reasons why clinicians are not attuned to managing the pain of their patients and why pain relief tools like Buzzy aren’t just for kids.

Paul Roemer, Global Healthcare Consumerism Leader at IBM joins the podcast to talk about the pre and post visit patient experience. Look forward to Paul sharing why he thinks that many hospitals are delivering a 2.0 care experience but a “.2” pre and post care experience and why he doesn’t believe HCAHPS is a true barometer of the patient experience.

Rose Maljanian of HealthCAWS joins the podcast to talk about engaging the evolving healthcare consumer. Look forward to Rose sharing why she doesn’t think that hiring leaders from consumer-focused or retail organizations is necessarily the best move for healthcare organizations and why she equates the transformation in healthcare right now to “living in house while it is being renovated.”

John Adractas of Simplee joins the podcast to talk about the sometimes forgotten part of the patient experience – the financial experience. Look forward to John explaining why billing is just one aspect of the patient financial experience, the role transparency plays in the patient financial experience and how a positive financial experience will lead to more patient loyalty.   

In this episode of the Cruxpoints podcast, Steve and Russ are joined by Kent Dicks, CEO and Founder of Life365. Over the course of this episode we talk about all things wearables: why people are slow to adopt wearables already on the market, the Rain dynamic platform which Life 365 is developing, and the behavioral psychology behind motivating patients to take their medicine, get active, and stay out of the hospital.

The Crux Points team is taking this week off, so in the place of a new episode, we’re replaying one of our more popular episodes from last year.

Paul Szablowski, Vice President of Brand Experience at Texas Health Resources, discusses how he redesigned his marketing department in just one year, how he and his team use lessons from consumer-focused brands like P&G and airlines to better evolve their strategies and why he doesn’t believe in the idea of patient engagement.

RJ Salus of El Camino Hospital joins the podcast to talk about his experience as a pioneer in the patient experience discipline. Look forward to hearing RJ share his guiding philosophies on the patient experience, why he feels patient experience measurement must go beyond HCAHPS and how his personal experiences have influenced how he approaches his job.

Dr. Philip Marshall of Conversa Health joins the podcast to talk about the role personalized patient engagement will play in the transition to value-based care. Look forward to Philip explaining why a successful transition to value-based care will mean moving on from our visit-centric culture and sharing his thoughts on the recent “Wired for Health” study from Scripps. 

In the second part of our two-part 2016 healthcare preview, our panel of six healthcare leaders returns to talk about the future of the patient experience. With insights including the rise of the well-informed “E-patient”, pilot programs, design-thinking, and multi-sensory experiences, this is an episode you don’t want to miss. Join Steve, Russ, and the panel as they explore the patient experience moving into 2016.