Welcome to the Designing Next Podcast, by Cast & Hue. Join our discussion to learn how business leaders are achieving growth through transformation and innovation.

The world is changing at a rapid pace. Consumer expectations, perceptions and behaviors are constantly evolving. For businesses and organizations, this means today’s good enough is tomorrow’s too late. In this podcast, we speak to experience design and innovation leaders about how they envision, design, and build new futures that are rooted in innovation and focused on surpassing consumer expectations.
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Hosted By:

Steve Koch

SVP & Co-founder 

Cast & Hue

Chad Brough

VP Healthcare Transformation

Home Instead Senior Care 



Torben Nielsen, CEO of ZOOM+Care, joins Designing Next to talk about innovation and driving growth. In this episode, Torben speaks with Chad & Steve about how working for Lego taught him to observe and listen to the needs of his audience, the steps Torben took to turnaround ZOOM+Care and how it doubled in size in less than two years, and he shares advice he would give to leaders who are on a journey to create transformative and differentiating experiences.

Patrice Martin, Cofounder + CEO of The Holding Co., joins Designing Next to speak about applying human-centered design to complex societal challenges. In this episode, Patrice speaks with Chad & Steve about how her experience as a designer at firms like IDEO and SonicRim has prepared her for the work she is doing today, how the Holding Co. is working to redesign how we care for each other in the 21st century, and how Patrice and the team at the Holding Co. bring together multiple perspectives and disciplines to help solve the challenges they’ve uncovered around care.

The Designing Next podcast is taking some time off to start the year, so we’re sharing one of our favorite episodes from 2020. We’ll be back with new episodes soon! Please enjoy! Rick Evans, Senior Vice President & Chief Experience Officer at NewYork-Presbyterian, joins Designing Next for the conclusion of a two-part interview. In this episode, we shift our focus to the effect of consumerism on the patient experience. Look forward to hearing Rick discuss what he sees as the most important attributes of the modern healthcare CXO, the importance of the access to the patient experience and why delivering a strong patient experience requires organizations to break down silos to work together to deliver on patient and consumer needs.

The Designing Next podcast is taking some time off to start the year, so we’re sharing one of our favorite episodes from 2020. We’ll be back with new episodes soon! Please enjoy! Jennifer Ishiguro, Vice President of Research, Experience Design and Service Excellence at ATB Financial, joins Designing Next to talk with us about the role of humanness in digital transformation efforts. In this episode, Jennifer speaks to us about why most current approaches to transformation do more damage than good, the importance of understanding how motivations drive people and drive change in transformational efforts,  and why she believes we should eliminate the term “change management” from our vocabulary. 

Nate Rogers, Vice President of Transformation Acceleration at OhioHealth, joins Designing Next to speak about his journey, which has taken him from guiding marketing strategy for a top retailer to leading innovation in healthcare. In this episode, Nate speaks with Chad & Steve about healthcare’s transition from being provider-centric to consumer-centric, what he has learned in his two years leading innovation at OhioHealth, how his innovation team engages associates across the organization to be part of their problem-solving and design thinking process, and why Nate believes that healthcare could soon leapfrog other industries in terms of leading with consumer-centricity.

Michael Hoffman, author of the book Customer Worthy, joins Designing Next to talk about how organizations should approach thinking like a customer in 2021. In this episode, Michael speaks with Chad and Steve about developing a holistic definition of your customers across divisions and silos, the most significant ways he has seen COVID-19 impact customer experience, and how Michael sees the customer experience space evolving in the next 3-5 years.

B. Joseph Pine II, co-author of the pioneering book The Experience Economy, joins Designing Next to talk about what the experience economy means in these unique times. In this episode, Joe speaks with Chad & Steve about how organizations have adapted their experiences during the pandemic era, what hybrid digital and physical experiences could look like in the post-pandemic future, and why Joe believes that the transformation economy could eclipse the experience economy in the not-so-distant future.

Bill Staikos, Head of Customer Experience at Freddie Mac, joins Designing Next to talk to us about the relationship between customer and employee experience. In this episode, Bill speaks with Chad & Steve about the importance of breaking down silos to bring employee experience and customer experience leaders together, the most important CX and EX metrics that every experience leader should be monitoring, and how he ties CX and EX data to business and financial metrics in a meaningful way.

Colin Crowley, VP, Customer Experience at Freshly, joins Designing Next to talk to us about his experience building a customer experience infrastructure. In this episode, Colin speaks with Chad & Steve about the process he used to build a customer experience infrastructure within a start-up environment, the steps he and his team took to build and operationalize the five pillars of Freshly’s customer experience, and his approach to finding the right balance between AI, automation, and humanness in customer experience.

Anastasia Zdoroviak, Director of Customer Experience at DoorDash, joins Designing Next to talk with us about DoorDash’s approach to developing and continuously improving a differentiated experience. In this episode, Anastasia speaks with Chad & Steve about how DoorDash manages the distinct experiences of its three key audiences (consumers, dashers, and merchants), how they measure the consumer journey and prioritize pain points, and how cross-functional teams design and implement solutions at a rapid pace.