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Brandi Overstreet, CCXP, Sr. Manager and VP, T. Rowe Price Central Services

Episode details:

T. Rowe Price is an 83-year old investment management firm based in Baltimore, MD that serves clients in 47 countries around the world.  In 2017, T. Rowe Price launched Innovation Centers in Baltimore, New York, and Maryland. All the Innovation Centers focused on bringing business and technology teams together to develop products in an agile approach, and the Maryland Innovation Center had an emphasis on client experience. Now, T. Rowe Price is working to integrate and scale approaches from the Maryland Innovation Center into their full organization, and our guest this week, Brandi Overstreet, is guiding that process. 

Brandi is a senior manager and VP at T. Rowe Price. She has been with the firm since 2007 and currently guides product leadership initiatives and product development teams as they scale customer-centric and agile delivery practices that were born out of the Maryland Innovation Center. Prior to this role, Brandi spent five years focused on defining strategy and executing programs to enhance the workplace retirement plan investor’s experience. We’re excited to speak with her to learn more about the process of integrating T. Rowe Price’s new practices from their off-campus Maryland Innovation Center into the broader organization. 

When you listen to this episode, you can look forward to learning: 

  • How T. Rowe Price approached the challenge of rolling out and scaling new approaches innovation at such a large organization
  • The importance of bringing together cross-functional teams from the beginning of a project so they collaborate from end to end
  • How T. Rowe Price been able to keep the momentum around innovation during the COVID-19 Pandemic 
  • How being a DJ can prepare you for a career in Customer Experience

We’re excited to share this episode of Designing Next with you. We hope you enjoy Brandi sharing her experience and perspective and that you gain interesting insights that contribute to your knowledge around innovation and experience design.

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