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Bill Staikos, Head of Customer Experience, Freddie Mac

Episode details:

The idea of aligning customer experience and employee experience has been a topic that has been discussed quite a bit over the last few years. But, what does it really mean to align the employee and customer experience? We all inherently know that if we have a superior employee experience, we’re much more likely to have a superior customer experience. After all, companies that lead in customer experience have 60% more engaged employees, and study after study has shown that investing in employee experience impacts the customer experience and can generate a high ROI for the company. We can all agree that sounds great, but for many the question is how do you operationalize it? 

We try to answer that question in this episode. We’re joined by Bill Staikos, Head of Customer Experience at Freddie Mac and the host of the podcast Be Customer Led. Not only will we compare notes on hosting podcasts, but Bill is also going to share his knowledge and experience about aligning customer and employee experiences at large organizations.  Bill’s background has taken him to organizations such as Chase, Credit Suisse, and American Express and his experience includes research & insights, data & analytics, leading UX/Design, transformation, and developing products for operational leaders to help them make the right decision on how to improve the customer experience. He has a lot of insight to share. As you listen to this episode, look forward to learning:

  • The importance of breaking down silos to bring employee experience and customer experience leaders together.
  • The most important CX and EX metrics that every experience leader should be monitoring.
  • How Bill ties CX and EX data to business and financial metrics in a meaningful way.

Bill’s experience and strategic insights are incredibly valuable for all of us. We hope you enjoy the episode. 

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