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Colin Crowley, VP, Customer Experience, Freshly

Episode details:

When Colin Crowley joined Freshly as the VP of Customer Experience five years ago, he inherited a team of one. His first job was to build the infrastructure of Freshly’s customer experience capability. This job was not without its challenges - creating processes, procedures and a culture from scratch is never easy, and is even more difficult in a start-up environment. However, his effort has proven successful as Colin now leads a CX team of over 200. And Colin joins this episode of Designing Next to share his wisdom. 

Colin’s path to Freshly has been a bit non-traditional. Before starting at Freshly, Colin started in the world of national security, serving as a researcher and editor at prestigious think-tanks in Washington D.C. He then transitioned to CX, spending six years working at the e-commerce giant TicketNetwork and finishing his time there as AVP of Consumer Transactions. Beyond that, Colin is also a produced playwright who has been recognized in over 50 national and international playwriting contests and whose plays have been performed/produced across the United States. 

As you might imagine, we could speak to Colin about a multitude of subjects, but of course, we chose to really focus on his CX expertise in this episode. When you listen to this episode, you can look forward to learning: 

  • How Colin approached building the infrastructure of Freshly’s CX effort in a start-up environment.
  • How Colin and his team brought operations and customer experience together - so both groups could better serve their customers. 
  • How Colin starts with the customer when he integrates AI and automation into the customer experience. 

Colin shares a lot of great ideas and insights in this episode. We hope you enjoy it. 

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