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Anastasia Zdoroviak, Director of Customer Experience, DoorDash

Episode details:

On-demand meal delivery is a relatively young concept. It has grown consistently in the last few years, but its growth has been tremendous in the last six months during the COVID-19 pandemic. The category has become a very competitive space, and as a result, customer experience is a very important differentiating factor. In this episode, we learn how DoorDash is approaching customer experience with their Director of Customer Experience, Anastasia Zdoroviak.

Although many of us are consumers of on-demand delivery services like DoorDash, we may not stop to think about how the experience goes beyond customers like ourselves. The Dashers and merchants that DoorDash serves are key audiences as well, and as Anastasia shares with us, a change to one audience's journey often impacts every audience they serve. Anastasia also shares how DoorDash built their customer experience team, and how they work to understand and improve the journeys all of their audiences take.

When you listen to this episode, you can look forward to learning:

  • How DoorDash combines quantitative, qualitative, and behavioral data to better understand audience journeys.
  • How DoorDash customer experience teams use human-centered design practices to rapidly innovate, design, test and roll out new experiences.
  • How cross-functional teams across DoorDash collaborate as they continuously work to evolve the experience of all their audiences.

Anastasia provides a lot of interesting insights throughout this episode. We hope you enjoy it.

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