Colin Crowley, VP, Customer Experience at Freshly, joins Designing Next to talk to us about his experience building a customer experience infrastructure. In this episode, Colin speaks with Chad & Steve about the process he used to build a customer experience infrastructure within a start-up environment, the steps he and his team took to build and operationalize the five pillars of Freshly’s customer experience, and his approach to finding the right balance between AI, automation, and humanness in customer experience.

Anastasia Zdoroviak, Director of Customer Experience at DoorDash, joins Designing Next to talk with us about DoorDash’s approach to developing and continuously improving a differentiated experience. In this episode, Anastasia speaks with Chad & Steve about how DoorDash manages the distinct experiences of its three key audiences (consumers, dashers, and merchants), how they measure the consumer journey and prioritize pain points, and how cross-functional teams design and implement solutions at a rapid pace.

Jim Kalbach, Head of Customer Experience at Mural, joins Designing Next to talk with us about developing and maintaining a culture with remote and distributed teams. In this episode, Jim speaks with Chad & Steve about what the pandemic taught him and the team at Mural as their business grew quickly over the last six months, what organizations need to do to establish and maintain a culture in a remote work environment, and why remote teams can be just as effective - or even more effective - than in-person teams.

Jennifer Ishiguro, Vice President of Research, Experience Design and Service Excellence at ATB Financial, joins Designing Next to talk with us about the role of humanness in digital transformation efforts. In this episode, Jennifer speaks to us about why most current approaches to transformation do more damage than good, the importance of understanding how motivations drive people and drive change in transformational efforts,  and why she believes we should eliminate the term “change management” from our vocabulary.

Rick Evans, Senior Vice President & Chief Experience Officer at NewYork-Presbyterian, joins Designing Next for the conclusion of a two-part interview. In this episode, we shift our focus to the effect of consumerism on the patient experience. Look forward to hearing Rick discuss what he sees as the most important attributes of the modern healthcare CXO, the importance of access to the patient experience and why delivering a strong patient experience requires organizations to break down silos to work together to deliver on patient and consumer needs.

Rick Evans, Senior Vice President & Chief Experience Officer at NewYork-Presbyterian, joins Designing Next for the first part of a two-part interview. In this episode, our focus will be on the role of culture in delivering employee, patient, and consumer experience. Look forward to hearing Rick discuss building and scaling out experience-focused cultures at large, multi-location organizations like NewYork-Presbyterian, as well as the role culture played as NYP navigated - and continues to navigate - the unprecedented crisis of COVID-19.

Brandi Overstreet, Sr. Manager and VP at T. Rowe Price Central Services, joins Designing Next to discuss her role guiding product leadership initiatives and product development teams as they scale customer-centric and agile deliver practices at T. Rowe Price. In this episode, Brandi shares the learnings from setting up an innovation center separate from their main campus, how they scaled a new approach to innovation, how it has changed the way people work at T. Rowe Price and how being a DJ can prepare you for a career in Customer Experience.

Russ Maloney, Director of Innovation Services at Banner Health, joins episode one of Designing Next to talk about how he and his team have introduced innovation into Banner Health, a large health system with 28 hospitals and over 50,000 employees. In the episode, he shares the lessons he’s learned over the last few years, how they’ve introduced innovation into the culture, and what they are focusing on moving forward.

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