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Collaboration key to driving patient experience excellence

The Beryl Institute Patient Experience Blog pxblogbw Jason Wolf shares his perspective around collaboration and its role in a successful patient experience program. As he notes, he has yet to see the ability to achieve and sustain success in any environment without alignment, collaboration and shared purpose. He goes on to share the values of The Beryl Institute, as values that could be very appropriate while providers continue down their own patient experience journey.  

Telemedicine seen as post-ACA imperative

Healthcare IT News Referencing a report from Foley & Lardner that polled senior healthcare provider executives, the article demonstrates the value the C-suite sees in Telemedicine. In fact, 84% of the respondents said that meaningful telemedicine services would be key to the success of their organizations. While there is still much to be achieved today when it comes to reimbursement (41% said they aren’t yet reimbursed for telemedicine services), the consensus seems to be that the transition from fee-for-service to value-based care will lead to telemedicine and remote care being profitable.  

Who moves first in price transparency, providers or payers?

Healthcare Payer News It’s a given that price transparency is on its way, but it’s still in its infancy. The Everett Clinic, a health system north of Seattle, is the Pacific Northwest’s first health system to post prices online for its most frequently used procedures. Al Fisk, the Clinic’s chief medical officer says, “Listing prices helps patients make informed decisions and helps us determine whether the Clinic is providing effective and appropriate care at reasonable prices.” As consumers take a more active role in their healthcare, they will demand price transparency, so it is just a matter of time before systems like Everett Clinic are no longer the exception.  

Hospitals Take Cues from the Hospitality Industry

St. Louis Post-Dispatch As patient surveys like HCAHPS start to play a larger role in provider reimbursement and, ultimately, hospital success, systems are looking for innovative ways to improve the patient experience. One example cited in this article is from Inova Health System in Virginia, which hired its most recent chief patient experience officer from the Ritz-Carlton. As healthcare systems continue to innovate in the patient experience arena, looking to companies that excel in customer experience – like Ritz-Carlton, Apple, Zappos, Disney and others – could prove to be a smart strategy.  

Assessing Americans' Familiarity with Health Insurance Terms and Concepts

Kaiser Family Foundation americans_-familiarity-with-health-insurance-terms-and-concepts-overall-scores1


As we approach the launch of the second open enrollment period for the ACA’s health insurance exchanges, the Kaiser Family Foundation examined how well consumers really understand health insurance with a ten-question quiz. The conclusion? Not so well. While 52% of respondents answered 7 or more questions correctly, the results showed there is a gap in health insurance understanding. Most of the confusion occurred around deductibles, co-insurance and out-of-pocket costs. Our takeaway? Whether you’re a provider or a payer, education needs to be a large part of your outreach as consumers take on a larger share of their healthcare expenses. That concludes this week’s Five on Friday. What’s your take? Let us know in the comments.

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