Effort launched to create virtual clipboard for patient intake

Modern Healthcare

A group from Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange alongside Sullivan Institute for Healthcare Innovation, congregated to discuss the automation of the patient intake process. During the first phase, creating a simple solution for transferring patient information, such as insurance and demographic information before an initial visitation serves as the objective. The second phase includes the storage and transferal of current medications, lab results, and allergies. Devin Jopp, of Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange, anticipates both phases to be completed by the end of 2015.

Succeeding at population health without an ACO: How Intermountain and others are doing it

Becker’s Hospital Review

Against the grain, Intermountain Healthcare, a 22-hospital Salt Lake City-based nonprofit, indicated they will not participate in Medicare pilot programs and intend to practice their own population health strategy. Intermountain’s population health strategy focuses on following evidenced-based standards, engaging patients and aligning financial incentives. Although their goals align with that of a Medicare ACO, Intermountian found the guidelines for participation were too constricted. With the right strategy in place, systems like Intermountain have proven an ACO isn’t required in order to have successful population health management.

Doctor’s dole out prescriptions for exercise

The Wall Street Journal

Laura Landro’s article discusses how more doctors are teaming with programs to express the importance of subscribing physical activity to patients. For example, the Exercise is Medicine program supervised by the American College of Sports Medicine, works with healthcare providers and doctors to encourage the counsel and prescription of physical activity to patients. The program offers training, materials, and tools which validate qualifications while referring patients.

Three ways hospitals can engage the community to improve care

Hospitals & Health Networks

With the Affordable Care Act coming to play in the last few years, patient satisfaction and community engagement have taken on a new life in the healthcare industry. Hospitals are tasked to focus on the health and wellness of populations requiring systems to partner with local organizations. Creating social unity, building partnerships, improving quality, and equalizing opportunities for healthy choices area steps to improving care through community engagement. Read the article to find out exactly how.

What will it take for healthcare incumbents to survive

Oliver Wyman Blog

As healthcare enters into a new era of innovation and disruption, Charlotte Rowe, editor of Transforming Healthcare, shares tips for incumbents during fluid times like these. As Rowe notes, during major industry conversions incumbents usually end up as a footnote and don’t last. Rowe’s six ways to unlock the incumbent’s dilemma include changing the frame of reference, being away of your place on the value ladder, and knowing the playing field is never level.    

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