How a hospital’s chief experience officer tackles barriers to better quality

Modern Healthcare

Almost all patient frustrations can be align with associated staff frustrations. This article provides great examples of the role patient experience plays across the entire patient journey and reinforces the idea that understanding the patient journey plays an important role in determining the success of a hospital system.

Improving Access: what is your best first step?

Health System CIO

Access to a company or hospital system is often the beginning of a patient journey, thus making it a critical stage. If this stage of the journey fails, then potential patients won’t move forward. Studying patients interaction with the system and gaining their feedback is the solution to fixing these problems. Paul Roemer uses Uber’s approach to access as an example that providers can follow as they consider how to improve their patient experience.

Text messages can increase compliance with taking medications


Often, in healthcare marketing, we look for the greatest and latest tool to solve challenges. However, sometimes it’s best to master the tools we currently use. This article discusses what some might call an “older technology”, text messaging, and how it is having success facilitating medication adherence among some groups of patients.

Payers take steps forward with mobile apps in 2014

Fierce Health Payer

Due to the consumerization of healthcare, mobile apps and wearables are some of the keys to the evolution of care and wellness. This article by Dori Zweig shows there has been a lot of progress in the mobile app space in 2014. While 2015 has the potential to take the space to the next level of adoption.

Top Ten Big Data, Analytics, Population Health Stories of 2014

Health Analytics

This article revisits the most popular topics of 2014. We recommend reading about how big data analytics and population health will be a priority for the next decade, the building blocks for the patient-centered medical home, and making sense of big data through visualization tools and better reporting. What do you think will be the top topics of 2015? Share your thoughts in the comments.    

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