Each Friday, the Cast & Hue team shares five things from the world of healthcare and digital marketing that stood out from the previous week. We’ll share our perspective and we invite you to share yours in the comments.

The Quest for Patient-Centered Care: Patients as Partners

Fierce Practice Management

There’s no better way to find out patients’ needs and wants than to go to the patients themselves. As patient experience has become a priority for healthcare organizations across the county, organizations are inviting patients to become partners.  For example, these patient partners have collaborated with professionals in the industry to develop patient experience surveys for each practice. As demonstrated in this article, teaming with patients to discuss their needs is effective and highly beneficial.

What the Insurance Industry can do to Fix Healthcare

Harvard Business Review

With more changes along the horizon, eyes are focused on payers to make the next big move. An abundance of complexity, lack of an understanding around value, and new options for patients puts payers in a position to evolve healthcare moving forward. There’s a great need to insurance companies to rethink the way they conduct business with providers and patients. How can changes be made in 2015? Read the article to find out more.

Hospital Coalitions Save Money and Improve Care

Harvard Business Review

In the past, hospitals operated on their own, keeping their internal practices to themselves. Today, they lean on each other and other organizations to help improve care and save money. While coalitions of hospitals have been using their size to help develop leverage around purchasing for years, how else can these groups of hospitals collaborate to improve care for their patients?

5 Health-Care Sector Prescriptions for 2015

Market Watch

What are the expected changes for the year 2015? Some of these predictions might surprise consumers, like receiving a diagnosis without a doctor’s visit and increased price transparency across healthcare. Overall, these predictions can help healthcare organizations set goals for the upcoming year. Share your thoughts on what will change in 2015 with us in the comments section below!

The 12 Most Important Healthcare Stories of 2014

Healthcare DIVE

Before the New Year, here’s a recap of the big healthcare stories from 2014. Topics include the discussion of Physician Assistants impact on the shortage of healthcare producers, a data hack, systems dropping from the Pioneer ACO program, and more. Check it out by clicking the link above. That concludes this week’s Five on Friday. What’s your take? Let us know in the comments.

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