Each Friday, the Cast & Hue team shares five things from the world of healthcare and digital marketing that stood out from the previous week. We’ll share our perspective and we invite you to share yours in the comments.

The One Customer Service Improvement You Need To Make In 2015


Entrepreneur and writer Micah Solomon suggests organizations in healthcare should concentrate on timeliness as the main goal for customer experience improvement. Convenience and ease play a huge role in customer satisfaction and experience - especially since the generation relying the most on convenience, Millennials, make up roughly 80 million customers in the U.S. Streamlining processes between customers and their healthcare organizations needs to be a top priority for systems in 2015.

Survey: 43 percent of millennials want access to patient portals on their smartphones

Mobi Health News

Creating a better patient journey starts with being accessible through the Internet. What type of technology is the organization compatible with? How easy is it to find and navigate? What type of information can be transferred, stored, and at what level of ease? This survey provides a look into what Millennials and baby boomers are looking for in patient portals.

Remember That Healthcare Is About More Than The Affordable Care Act


In the past year, discussion about healthcare has focused on the Affordable Care Act. This article discusses how there’s more to healthcare than the ACA, stating that it’s time to look beyond one piece of legislation and step back to see the industry from an open mindset. Most agree that health and wellness need to be a national priority, so what objectives need to be accomplished across all systems? Read the article to find three steps to accomplish this goal.

4 patient engagement strategies from the nation's most wired hospitals

c2b Solutions

Most of America’s “Most Wired” hospitals remain leaders in the industry based on four patient engagement strategies that should become conventional within all systems. These strategies include access to test results through an online portals, self management tools for patients with chronic conditions through a portal, mHealth app for mobile access to the portal, and secure messaging. All four strategies include accessibility of information and type of information stored within a patient portal. User experience testing is one of the first steps to find what patients wish to access within their portals and accomplish the previous strategies listed.

Elective surgeries surge during holidays

USA Today

Did you know the holidays not only bring good cheer, but also a rise in elective surgeries? Knowing when patients are most likely to plan for surgery, how far in advance, where they research for information, and when or if there are peak seasons for different types of surgeries can help with the patient experience. That concludes this week’s Five on Friday. What’s your take? Let us know in the comments.

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