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Consumer-driven healthcare: 'We are them; they are us'

Healthcare Finance News

As consumers become more accustomed to the ease of doing business with companies such as Amazon, companies in more traditional industries are finding the need to quickly adapt. Anthem is one such company. Perhaps the most noticeable change Anthem has made is to it’s onboarding materials. Having consolidated 13 pieces of mail into a single welcome box, the benefits for consumers are clear: a simplified, more relevant experience. In this article by Healthcare Finance News, learn more about implementing consumer-centric changes in healthcare and insurance.

MHN 2016: Key to patient-generated health data is designing for specific populations


It is commonly said that design is more than just making things look nice, it is about solving problems. This is especially key for serving healthcare patients. Health is unique in that people of all ages and from all walks of life require healthcare. That poses the challenge of needing to keep the specifics of each of these demographics in mind when designing for health. In this article from MobiHealthNews, the author explores how to design for healthcare populations, and the balance of incorporating innovative features versus a strong patient experience.

How to Design for Death: OpenIDEO Challenges Designers to Reimagine the End of Life Experience


As healthcare professionals, we often design for, and strive to improve, the health and well-being of our patients. Alas, at some point we must also open up to thinking about the entirety of care, including the end-of-life experience. A collaboration between IDEO, Sutter Health and The Helix Centre recently explored this very issue. From hospital design, to EHR utilization, to simple sensory impacts, such as an open window with sun streaming in, this article looks in-detail at how to improve the final days for a patient, as well as the collaborative process it took to reach such ideas.

Depressed Teen's Struggle To Find Mental Health Care In Rural California


Rural populations are a demographic which can be hard to reach. The lack of infrastructure and demand affects even the most basic health services, such as emergency care. This leaves little room to design for additional services, such as mental health. This is the story of one teen who, battling depression, had to combat issues such as access, insurance barriers, and confusion around provider networks.

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