Each Friday, we send out a handful of articles from the past week, related to healthcare and design, as well as an in-depth look at a current trend affecting healthcare right now.

The importance of access

We feel access is one of the most important aspects of care, and as such is critical to the patient experience. Access is not only about being easy to get to, but extends to aspects as varied as building design, digital strategy, and capacity. It so happens that access was the topic of one of the talks at SHSMD 2016. Last week we recapped our top takaways, but this week we wanted to take a deeper dive into what access really means.

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The Weekly Roundup

A collection of interesting articles from the past week.

5 Astonishingly Effective Ways This Healthcare Leader Is Reinventing The Hospital Experience

Some of the best ideas around improving the patient experience come from outside the hospital setting. Amazon, Starbucks, and others all provide inspiration for how to treat customers. This article shares five such insights from Dr. Feinberg, the president and CEO of Geisinger Health.

Conn. hospital upgrades patient experience with 'luxury' family suites

When working with patients, it is important to consider their family members as well. One hospital in Connecticut is catering to families by looking to the hospitality industry and bringing hotel rooms to the hospital.

The New Healthcare Marketing Department

In this article, Steve Leibforth shares his views on how hospital marketing departments are adapting to new patient experience related priorities.

Putting Patients First Is The Future Of Health Care

The National Forum on Patient Experience in Canada kicked off this past week with a lot of great talks about improving PX. One such talk is about improving the experience for people undergoing cancer treatment, not only in the hospital, but also in the transition back to daily life.

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