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How social media can impact HCAHPS

Digital marketing and medicare reimbursement are not often thought of as complementing functions of a business, but as we learned in our latest podcast, they may have more in common than you think.

1/3 of patients leave an average hospital less than fully satisfied. Changing the experience for just 5% of them could realize $2.5 MILLION in additional revenue in just one year.

Advisory Board

Oftentimes, a patient will post directly to social media or online review sites such as Yelp about poor experiences before it is captured in more official channels. This gives the marketing team a great opportunity to read and respond to such reviews long before they are reported on HCAHPS surveys.

By reading and responding to online reviews, we can identify gaps in our customer service and operations, and get these in front of our leadership to improve problems before they become worse.

- Chris Pace, Crux Points Podcast

Chris Pace, Directory of Digital Strategy at Dignity Health, has implemented such a program, leading to an increase in patient satisfaction through real-time response to poor experiences. Because of the importance of these efforts to Dignity, such messages can be responded to across the organization, even within top leadership. What's more, these reputation managment programs have led to an increase in HCAHPS scores.

In this episode of Crux Points, Chris shares with us not only details about the reputation management program at Dignity, but also the various other digital strategies that he uses to back their brand promise: "Hello Humankindness". To listen, visit us at castandhue.com/cruxpoints, or subscribe in your favorite podcast app.

The Weekly Roundup

A collection of interesting articles from the past week.

Memorial Health System knew it 'wasn't designed' for the future of health care. Here's how it overhauled.

Illinois-based Memorial Health System recently reinvented their processes around their care model, patient experience, and culture. From Lean Six, to computer modeling, to staff empowerment, Advisory Board shares how MHS tacked these changes.

Mount Sinai platform makes prescribing apps easy

Today, health data can be almost as valuable as prescriptions, so Mt. Sinai set out to create a platform to allow doctors to "prescribe" apps to patients. This article shares how this platform came to be.

CIOs, CMIOs see change in roles as IT targets evolve

As technology and data take precedence in healthcare organizations, the traditional roles of C-level IT personnel are changing. This article lays out what those changing roles may look like, as well as a few examples of how organizations are leveraging the CMIO to tackle strategic IT projects.

5 obstacles to texting patients

Texting is a great way to increase patient engagement, but it is important to remember that its effectiveness is only as strong as how the tool is used. Here are five tips on how to better connect with patients over text.

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