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How Design Thinking Turned One Hospital into a Bright and Comforting Place

Design thinking can be a powerful tool in any organization's toolbelt. Going beyond simple ideation or brainstorming, the design thinking process starts with a specific problem in mind and uses an iterative process to work towards a number of solutions, while keeping viability, relevance, and feasibility in mind.

This article by Harvard Business Review takes a look at how Rotterdam Eye Hospital transformed their care experience through the process of design thinking. Through ideating around a specific problem: the fear that patients had about going blind, they were able to create several solid prototypes. Through experimentation and testing, there were able to identify a few solutions that worked for them and start to incorporate those solutions into everyday practice.

This article is a great example of how design thinking can transform an organization. How were they able to overcome issues such as internal resistance, cost, and scaling of experiments? Click through to read more.

The Weekly Roundup

A collection of interesting articles from the past week.

How to provide individualized care in an era of standardized office processes and procedures

Although standardization of procedures in commonplace in larger healthcare organizations, hindrances to everyday tasks within a smaller practice setting, such as scheduling vacations and dealing with resignations, can result in major headaches. Instead of working within this paradigm, small teams can embrace individualization and agile frameworks to provide a personal experience for the patient.

Mount Sinai partners with insurance startup to build Oscar Center

Through embracing design thinking and customer-focused workflows, Oscar has become known across the insurance industry for offering some of the most innovative services available for their customers. Now Oscar is partnering with Mount Sinai to extend that innovative mindset into clinics, integrating into existing Oscar programs and technologies.

Docs, ignore millennials’ online reviews at your peril

This article takes a look at the impact that online reviews will have on attracting millennials to healthcare practices. Just as we've explored in many of our own podcasts and research, millennials will soon be transforming the healthcare space, Because they are making decisions with a focus and reviews and quality, it is critical that physicians pay attention to their online reputation to attract millennials.

5 ways hospitals can improve digital interactions with patients

Digitization is becoming ever more prevalent in healthcare organizations, primarily due to the positive impacts it offers in regard to staff communication and patient engagement. Here are five tips hospitals can use to improve digital health interactions.

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