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Our Method?

It’s not about us. It’s not about you. It’s about the people you serve.

There’s a perception in business that the most successful companies lead their customers in a particular direction, but the real path to extraordinary results begins when you allow the people you serve to light the way. This is why our method isn't just focused on the people you serve, they're active participants.

To create an exceptional experience you need to gain an exceptional amount of knowledge. We integrate the most tested and effective models into our own method, casting a light on the previously undiscovered elements that influence peoples' behaviors. With these elements you'll be able to identify their needs, recognize their tendencies, and anticipate their actions - the kind of insights crucial to designing exceptional experiences that build a loyal and passionate connection.

Our Method


Which groups of people are you serving?

Often referred to as Segmentation, it’s identifying the different populations you serve as your knowledge base. We apply both existing and purposefully acquired data to various other defining characteristics so you can compare and prioritize the groups you serve.

Who is your customer specifically?

We call it Persona Development - when we construct a hypothetical individual to represent each group identified in Segmentation. You may serve a certain group, but you interact on a personal level, and this is the person for which you're creating an exceptional experience.

What are her goals and how does she get there?

An experience is more than a single encounter, an experience is a series of interactions – a journey that shapes behaviors, perceptions and tendencies. When you recognize where her journey intersects - or touches - your business, you'll be capable of anticipating her needs. It's called Journey Mapping.

How can you develop empathy for her perspectives?

It requires a purposeful and person-centric process that involves collaboration called Design Thinking. It's not a focus group, but rather an interactive session that promotes more innovative, emotional, and conceptual problem solving and solution building.


Ready to create exceptional experiences for the people you serve?

Our Services

Together, we cast a light on the people you serve and gain a deep understanding of their perspectives through the following: 

  • Segmentation and Persona Development
  • Experience Design: Both Physical and Digital
  • Design Thinking & Human-Centered Design
  • Customer Journey Mapping & Services Blueprinting
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership Retreat Planning and Facilitation
  • Brand Transformation and Positioning
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