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We are observers and researchers, facilitators, social scientists, analysts, marketers, and strategists.

Our exclusive method integrates empathy, observation, behavioral psychology, and technology, so together, we can cast a light on the people you serve and gain a deep understanding of their perspectives.

As a sister company to Sitewire, the digital design agency founded in 1999, Cast & Hue has worked alongside consumer brands such as Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Persil, and Kroger. Through those partnerships we’ve gained unique insights into the customer journey and how to develop exceptional experiences.

Meet Our Key Leaders

Andrew Bagley

Andrew Bagley

Managing Director

As a creative digital strategist with a strong background in experience design and emerging media, Andrew believes that great experiences are the best form of marketing. He specializes in Strategic Planning, Experience Design, Customer Journey Mapping, Design Thinking, Branding, Paid Media, Social and Emerging Media Strategy.

Margie Traylor

Margie Traylor

Healthcare Advisor

Margie Traylor has a sixth sense, a keen ability of sorts that enables her to connect today’s actions with tomorrow’s opportunities. To the outside world, Margie is Audacious Studios Co-founder, but to those on the inside, she is somewhat of a psychic.Her “sense” manifests itself through identification and nurturing of talent, new business opportunities, client growth and satisfaction, and converting ideas into profit.

Steve Koch

Steve Koch

Senior Director, Healthcare Initiative

Steve’s focus has always been on developing a better understanding of consumers in order to create better experiences. As Senior Director of Cast & Hue’s Healthcare Initiative, he helps healthcare organizations transform the patient experience to and through healthcare. He helps accomplish this by partnering with clients and their patients, using empathy to better understand patient journeys and co-creating better experiences.

Russ Maloney

Russ Maloney

Director of Strategy

As an experience designer, journey mapper, crux seeker, and problem solver, Russ strives to build and grow Cast & Hue through new product and service development, and oversees the organization’s identity and strategy based projects. Russ’s expertise spans advanced segmentation, persona development, brand development, customer experience mapping, design thinking, and collaborative strategy sessions with client leadership.

Salvador Bravo

Strategic Planner

One part philosopher, one part researcher, one part experience designer, Sal is a T-Shaped strategist with a penchant for the cognitive sciences. He’s passionate about how people make choices about products and services and how they develop attitudes and beliefs about brands. He looks forward to helping clients understand their audience better so they can design experiences and services with their customers top of mind.

Drew Watkins

Junior Strategist

Drew’s passion sits squarely at the intersection of technology, design, and healthcare. Using these skills, he supports the rest of the Cast & Hue team with strategy, workshop facilitating, and research. Drew graduated from ASU in 2015 with a degree in Technological Entrepreneurship & Managment / Healthcare Systems Innovation and has experience working in fitness management, health insurance, and several startups.