Welcome to the Crux Points Podcast, by Cast & Hue. Join our discussion to learn how to survive & thrive in a healthcare world where the consumer is in control.

The Healthcare industry is at the beginning of a large transformation as it transitions from thinking and communicating in a B2B mindset to a B2C mindset. Each Crux Points podcast episode examines the forces driving this transformation. At the core of each episode is an interview with a healthcare executive, leader, analyst or other expert who shares their perspective on how providers and other organizations can survive and thrive in this new era of healthcare. You can find each episode here, or subscribe on iTunes, Soundcloud or Stitcher.


Hosted By:
Steve Koch                                              Russ Maloney                                        

Chris Pace, Director of Digital Strategy at Dignity Health talks about the role digital plays as hospitals and health systems become more consumer-centric, all through the lens of Dignity’s brand promise: “Hello Humankindness”.

Christi McCarren, Vice President of Retail Health and Service Lines at MultiCare, talks about how retail health is expanding access for patients. We also explore the creation of MultiCare’s new retail chain, Indigo, and how it fits into their broader retail health service line.

As we revisit the first episode of the Crux Points podcast, Russ Maloney joins Steve and Margie to discuss how customer and patient journey mapping can play a key role hospital strategy development, create alignment across a hospital’s executive team and provide a unique lens into how patients make their healthcare decisions.

Dr. Steven Spalding, Chief Clinical Integration and Medical Officer at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, joins the podcast to talk about how he is helping Phoenix Children’s transition from fee-for-service to value-based care and the challenges associated with providing care exclusively to children in a value-based care model.

Note:  The Crux Points team is taking this week off, so in the place of a new episode, we’re replaying one of our more popular episodes from earlier this year. New episodes will resume August 18th.

RJ Salus of El Camino Hospital joins the podcast to talk about his experience as a pioneer in the patient experience discipline. Look forward to hearing RJ share his guiding philosophies on the patient experience, why he feels patient experience measurement must go beyond HCAHPS and how his personal experiences have influenced how he approaches his job.

Colin Hung, co-founder and moderator of the #HCLDR community, joins the podcast to talk about some of the most important issues in healthcare right now. Look forward to Colin sharing his thoughts on why inclusive design is key to success in change management and where the patient experience movement needs to go in the future. 

Dr. David Nash, Founding Dean of the Jefferson College of Population Health, joins the podcast to talk about population health management and the role it will play in our healthcare system now and in the future. Look forward to Dr. Nash sharing his three-tiered definition of population health as well as his thoughts on what physicians need to do to thrive during the transition to value-based care.

Dan Munro, Forbes contributor and author of “Casino Healthcare,” joins the podcast to talk about his view of the country’s healthcare system and how he believes it should evolve. Look forward to Dan sharing his thoughts on why the difference between selective health coverage and universal health coverage is key to understanding the challenges facing the U.S. healthcare system as well as his view on the role healthcare will play in this year’s election.

Ron Geraty, MD, CEO of AxisPoint Health, joins the podcast to talk about managing the care of chronically ill populations. Look forward to Dr. Geraty sharing his view on the role technology plays in population health today as well as the two biggest threats to treatment adherence.

Neel Shah, MD, MPP, Founder and Executive Director of Costs of Care, joins the podcast to talk about clinicians’ roles in making healthcare more affordable. Look forward to Dr. Shah sharing why his goal is to make clinicians better financial agents on behalf of patients and what he believes are the three key communication failures at the point of care.