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Guest: Matt Gunsen, Disruption Strategist

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In this episode of the Crux Points podcast, we’re talking about disruption theory. It’s an interesting topic, as many believe that healthcare is being disrupted on many fronts – through retail-based clinics, telehealth and wearables just to name a few. And the “father” of disruption theory is Clayton Christensen, the Harvard professor who wrote the groundbreaking book The Innovators Dilemma in 1997. And one of his follow ups, The Innovators Prescription – A Disruptive Solution for Healthcare is required reading at many healthcare organizations.

So, for those of us who work in healthcare, it is important to really understand disruption theory and in this episode, we have just the guest for that.

Matt Gunson joins the podcast to discuss disruption theory, how healthcare is currently being – and could be – disrupted, and what healthcare executives can learn from industries that have been disrupted in the past.

Stat of the week:  Consumerism increases retail opportunities and access to coverage and care

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