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Guest: Russ Maloney, Senior Strategic Planner, Sitewire Health

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Many would say we’re in a disruptive era in healthcare right now, especially when you consider the effect the Affordable Care Act, transparency of prices, quality, and ratings, new technology and the transition to value-based care. All of those things will have a profound impact on the healthcare industry – and especially on consumers over the next several years. Because of all of this disruption, we’re in the midst of a transition from b2b to b2c and, as a result, we’re going to see a healthcare consumer decision-making journey that will be evolving at a rapid place.

In this first episode of the Crux Points podcast, Russ Maloney joins Steve and Margie to discuss how customer and patient journey mapping can play a key role hospital strategy development, create alignment across a hospital’s executive team and provide a unique lens into how patients make their healthcare decisions.

Stat of the week:  The State of the Connected Patient 2015

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