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Guest:  David Schleifer, Senior Research Associate, Public Agenda

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On this episode, we discuss one of the most important topics in healthcare – price transparency.

We talk a lot on the Crux Points podcast about healthcare’s transition from B2B to B2C. While there are a lot of factors driving that transition, it is possible that price transparency could be the key factor as consumers gain clarity around healthcare pricing – something that up until now has been a mystery.

With the recent launch of by the Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI) as well as HCCI’s announcement that later this year they will be launching a tool that will personalize healthcare costs for consumers based on their own insurance plans and deductibles, price transparency will be at the forefront in the near future. And, providers must be ready.

David Schleifer, a senior research associate at Public Agenda, joins Crux Points to discuss his most recent research, “How Much Will It Cost? How Americans Use Prices in Health Care.” In an extended version of the podcast, we take a deep dive into how consumers are interacting with transparency. Be sure to listen for great information around how many Americans are actually researching prices in healthcare, whether Americans even know that prices vary between providers, how consumers view the relationship between price and quality, as well as some key takeaways for providers around price transparency.

And, at the end of the episode, tells us an amazing fact about himself – he’s an artist who shows around the Brooklyn, NY area. Here is a picture of David with one of his pieces:

david 1

The Research:  How Much Will It Cost? How Americans Use Prices in Health Care

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