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Guest: Bret Larson, CEO of eVisit, and Glen McCracken, President of eVisit

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It seems we’ve been on the cusp of huge telehealth adoption for several years, but many believe that 2015 is the year of telehealth. What’s causing the tipping point? Faster internet connections and improved software are two key points driving the maturity of telehealth. Beyond that, payers are starting to reimburse telehealth and patients and providers are beginning to embrace it. After all, it makes seeing a doctor easy for patients, and studies are showing that telehealth can save providers $100 or more per visit. While the market is under $1B today, some estimates are calling for it to grow to over $5B in just the next five years.

Bret Larsen and Glen McCracken, founders of eVisit, join the Crux Points podcast to discuss the adoption and success of their telehealth platform, eVisit, how healthcare is currently being disrupted by telehealth technologies, and how healthcare leaders can embrace this disruption.

Stat of the week:  Telehealth Index: 2015 Consumer Survey

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