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Guests: Andy Gradel, Bill Bodnar, Dan Munro, Erinne Dyer, Paul Szablowski, and Nick Adkins

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In the first part of our two-part 2016 healthcare preview, we hear from six healthcare leaders about what they believe will shape healthcare in 2016. With insights ranging from thoughts on all of the mergers in healthcare, to prescription drug prices to price transparency on hospital web sites, we cover a lot of bases in this episode. Andy Gradel of Main Line Health, Bill Bodnar of The Leader’s Board, Paul Szablowski of Texas Health Resources, Erinne Dyer of Envera Health, Nick Adkins of ReelDX and author and Forbes Columnist Dan Munro join Steve and Russ to look forward to 2016. This episode is definitely packed full of insights – be sure to listen and find out what’s in store for healthcare in 2016!

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