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Guest:  Bill Bodnar, Founder and President of The Leader’s Board.


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In this episode of the Crux Points podcast, we get a unique view on the future of healthcare, especially from the perspective of healthcare systems. Bill Bodnar is the founder and president of The Leaders Board.

The Leader’s Board is a healthcare education and networking organization. It offers several focus areas, including strategy & marketing, human resources, population health, patient experience and more. Twice a year, these groups get together to discuss the most pressing issues within their focus areas and share lessons and best practices. So, as a result, Bill spends his year moderating discussions among some of the brightest minds in healthcare. Combine that with his 40 years of experience in the industry, and we couldn’t think of anyone more appropriate to share an overview of some of the key trends for hospital systems and to discuss where the industry it going.

In this episode, Bill shares his thoughts on the top threats to health systems, how hospital systems are approaching the transition to value-based care, his view on the rise of healthcare consumerism and how systems should be prepared and much more.

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