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Guest:  Peter Miller, Marketing and Communications Administrator, The Cleveland Clinic


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In this episode of the Crux Points podcast, we have a fascinating conversation with Peter Miller of The Cleveland Clinic.

Today, The Cleveland Clinic is known world-wide as a leader in clinical excellence and treating the “sickest of the sick.” But, especially over the last 10-15 years, they’ve also become innovators and leaders in patient engagement. They’ve received a lot of attention for their same day appointment initiative, and they just recently added ratings and reviews to their web site – joining a short list of large hospital systems to do so.

Peter is an administrator within Marketing and Communications at The Cleveland Clinic, where he is responsible for a staff of 150 marketing, media relations and communications professionals. He has been with The Cleveland Clinic for 24 years. In that time, he’s held almost every position that exists within marketing so he’s had a unique view as the Clinic has evolved into the worldwide health leader it is today.

In this episode, Peter shares how the Cleveland Clinic is embracing transformation, how the clinic views competition today – compared to how it did 20 years ago – and how the Clinic managed the huge initiatives around implementing same-day appointments and introducing reviews and ratings to their physician finder.

The Cleveland Clinic:

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