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Guest: Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, health economist and advisor at THINK-Health

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In this episode, we’re discussing the economic elements of consumer-driven health with health economist, advisor, blogger, trendweaver and all around healthcare expert, Jane Sarasohn-Kahn.

Jane founded THINK-Health after spending a decade as a healthcare consultant in firms in the U.S. and Europe. She also founded the HEALTHPopuli blog in 2007, and blogs daily (or more) on all subjects healthcare. Through THINK-Health, she advises a myriad of healthcare organizations on strategy. Jane is also a frequent speaker on the subjects of health economics, consumers and technology and writes for the Huntington Post. Beyond that, if there’s a healthcare influencer list, she’s probably on it, including the HIT99, one of Healthcare IT Leaders Top 50 healthcare IT influencers on twitter, one of eVariant’s top 60 most influential professional twitter profiles to follow and one of Klick Health’s top 41 health-oriented social media influencers. And that’s just the lists from the last few months!

With a guest like Jane, you can correctly assume we will talk about a wide range of subjects. In this episode, you can look forward to Jane using “econ 101” principals demonstrate how healthcare got to where it is today, learning what kind of triggers will influence behavior change among patients and consumers, and how healthcare organizations are moving towards the triple aim.

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