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Crux Points podcast episode #26:  Building a better pre and post visit experience

Guests: Paul Roemer, Global Healtcare Consumerism Leader, IBM

Show details:

In many ways, this episode can be considered a continuation of the conversation in our last episode with Rose Maljanian.

In this episode of the Crux Points podcast, we have the privilege of speaking with Paul Roemer. Many of our listeners know Paul from his well-regarded patient experience blog on Pale Rhino Consulting. Paul is also the Global Healthcare Consumerism Leader for IBM, working to reimagine healthcare consumerism and patient and consumer access.

Paul brings over 30 years of experience in customer experience to the table. His focus is on how the patient and consumer access the hospital or health system – which is most often through the web site or phone.

We can look forward to a lively conversation with Paul, as he shares his insights and opinions on how organizations can best optimize the patient journey to care.

In this episode, listeners can look forward to learning:

  • Why Paul believes that organizations often deliver a 2.0 care experience, while delivering just a “.2” pre and post care experience.
  • Why he doesn’t believe the HCAHPS is a true barometer for the patient experience.
  • And why he believes it’s important to ensure that a hospitals call center is more than just a scheduling center.

This is a great conversation with Paul. We hope you enjoy it.

Paul’s Blog

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