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Guests: Rose Maljanian, HealthCAWS

Show details:

In this episode, the conversation is all about the evolving healthcare consumer.

Today’s guest is Rose Maljanian, the Chairman and CEO of HealthCAWS.

Rose has had a very interesting career in healthcare, spanning clinical care, providers, payers and more. She started as a clinical nurse 30 years ago and since then has worked Hartford Hospital, Humana and Magellan Health Services among others. Now, with HealthCAWS, she is focused on improving health and making healthcare more affordable.

Throughout her career, Rose has always maintained a clear focus on the healthcare consumer, and the evolution of that consumer throughout the years.

In this episode, Rose shares her philosophies and insights around that consumer – which are more important than ever, as many of our listeners are on that journey to becoming more consumer-centric organizations.

Listeners can look forward to learning:

  • Why Rose doesn’t think that hiring leaders from consumer-focused or retail companies is necessarily the best move for healthcare organizations.
  • Why it’s important for providers to remember that today’s healthcare consumer wants to integrate healthcare into their lives on their terms, rather than accommodating the schedules and locations of their healthcare provider.
  • And why she equates the transformation in healthcare right now to “living in house while it is being renovated.”

This is a very relevant conversation with Rose. We hope you enjoy it.


Rose’s recent blog post on the new healthcare consumer

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