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Guest: Paul Szablowski, SVP of Communications and Image – Texas Health Resource

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Note:  The Crux Points team is taking this week off, so in the place of a new episode, we’re replaying one of our more popular episodes from last year. This episode is especially relevant today, as the shape of healthcare marketing strategy changes again and again in most organizations. New episodes will resume March 10th.

In this episode, we’re discussing the redesign of hospital system marketing departments with Paul Szablowski of Texas Health Resources.

Paul was formerly vice president of marketing, communications and public relations at Dignity Health, where he oversaw the development of the new Dignity Health brand. He’s been at Texas Health Resources for about two years now, and he’s already made an impact.

In this episode, we speak to Paul about how marketing in health systems must evolve in order to compete effectively today. It’s a discussion that goes beyond just updating communication and messaging strategies. Look forward to hearing:

  • How Paul blew up his org chart and created over 80 new positions in order to position Texas Health Resources for marketing success in this new era
  • How he and his team use lessons from non-healthcare industries like consumer-packaged goods and airlines to evolve their marketing strategies
  • Why he doesn’t believe in the concept of patient engagement

This episode is a must-listen for all healthcare marketers! Enjoy.


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