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 Guest: RJ Salus, Director of Patient Experience at El Camino Hospital

Show details:

Today we’re thrilled to have RJ Salus joining us on the Crux Points podcast. RJ has been a leader in patient experience before most of us knew what patient experience was.

When RJ started working at Scripps in San Diego as their Press Gainey lead, patient experience wasn’t the priority it is today – in fact, the words patient experience were rarely spoken. Fast forward about 15 years and things have obviously changed.

Through the years, RJ has become one of the key leaders in terms of understanding and improving the patient experience. In 2014, RJ left the beaches of San Diego for the crazy world of Silicon Valley to lead patient experience at El Camino Hospital. And the work he’s done in the short time he’s been there is impressive and inspiring.

In this episode, RJ is going shares some of his philosophies around the patient experience with us as well as stories behind his successes at Scripps and El Camino.

Listeners can look forward to learning:

  • Why a pure focus on HCAHPS will not make the patient’s experience meaningful or long-lasting.
  • RJ’s guiding philosophies on the patient experience.
  • How RJ’s own healthcare experiences – good and bad – have influenced how he approaches his position.

It’s a great episode. Please enjoy!

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