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Guests: Philip Marshall, Founder and Chief Product Officer at Conversa Health

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In this episode, we take a deep dive into health care’s transition to value-based care and population health management.

While we’ve had several conversations about population health and value-based care on the podcast, this episode will be the first time that the subject has been our sole focus. And we have the right guest for it, Dr. Philip Marshall from Conversa Health. Philip started his career as a medical doctor, with residency training in general surgery, public health and preventative medicine. However, he transitioned into technology, working with organizations like WebMD and Press Ganey before founding Conversa Health in 2012. Conversa Health is a personalized patient engagement provider that enhances care team-patient communication between visits.

Often, when we discuss population health management and value based care, much of the conversation is around preventative care and care for the whole person. And, as we think about how the vision of value-based care will be executed, the question on many minds is how do you provide that wellness care in an efficient manner – how do we make this transition from “sick-care” to “wellness care?”

We’re going to spend some time today talking with Phillip about what personalized patient engagement means and why it is important as the industry transitions to value-based care.

Listeners can look forward to learning:

  • Why transitioning to value-based care also means moving on from our visit-centric culture
  • Why Philip is such an evangelist for patients becoming partners in their own care
  • Why personalized patient engagement is about so much more than the technology.

Philip will also share his thoughts on the recent “Wired for Health” study from Dr. Eric Topol and Scripps and he’ll tell us why he doesn’t find the results as disappointing for digital health as some have. It’s a great episode on an important subject. We hope you enjoy it.


Scripps “Wired for Health” study

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