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Crux Points podcast episode #31: Examining the challenges facing the U.S. healthcare system
Guest:  Dan Munro, author of “Casino Healthcare”

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In this episode, we’re taking a deep dive into the nation’s healthcare system with Dan Munro.

It’s likely you’ve read Dan’s work on healthcare in Forbes over the last five years, or may have seen him speak at a number of conferences, including the Digital Health Summit and TEDMED.

Dan has a new book on healthcare called Casino Healthcare. Casino Healthcare is a close examination of the US healthcare system – warts and all – and tries to explain how the system has gotten to where it is today, and how it needs to evolve.

In this episode, we’re going to touch on a number of themes that Dan covers in the book, including the differences between selective health coverage and universal health coverage, the effect of the rising number of healthcare data breaches on the system and its patients, and how Dan sees healthcare playing a role in this year’s presidential election.
There aren’t many that have as deep of an understanding of healthcare as Dan, and we’re sure you’re going to enjoy hearing his perspective.

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