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Guests: Amy Baxter, MD, Pediatrician and founder of Buzzy

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In this episode, our subject is an important part of the patient experience – so important, in fact, that that three questions on the HCAHPS survey are dedicated to it. That element of the experience? Pain.

Our guest today, Dr. Amy Baxter, is very focused on pain, pain management and pain prevention. In fact, in a recent article about her in Forbes, she shared a story about how as a child she would sit outside her house on the curb with Band-Aids in case anyone got hurt.

That focus on pain has continued throughout her life, and she has been very focused on the pain associated with shots and injections. As both a mom and emergency room pediatrician, she recognized how difficult it was for children to get shots, and decided to do something about it. Just about ten years ago, she invented Buzzy, a vibrating ice pack that disrupts pain signals on the way to the brain. And today, Buzzy is in 5,000 hospitals and has 45,000 users. Recently, Dr. Baxter left her practice to work on Buzzy and its related products full time.

Over the last several years, Dr. Baxter has been featured in numerous magazines and news shows, spoken at TEDX and TEDMED, and appeared on Shark Tank – only to turn down offers from two of the Sharks.

We’re thrilled to have Dr. Baxter with us on this episode of Crux Points. Not only are we going to learn more about pain and injections than most of us have ever known, we’ll all be inspired by how Dr. Baxter saw a need and figured out an innovated way to solve that need.

In this episode, listeners can look forward to learning:

  • Why there’s been such an increase in needle phobia for those born after 1983.
  • Three reasons why clinicians are not attuned to managing pain in their patients
  • And the role the Turboflex 4000 played in the development of buzzy
  • Why pain relief tools like Buzzy aren’t just for kids any more.

This is a fascinating conversation with Dr. Baxter. We hope you enjoy it.


Dr. Baxter in Forbes

Dr. Baxter’s TEDX talk

Dr. Baxter’s TEDMED talk

Dr. Baxter on Shark Tank

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