Bret Larsen and Glen McCracken, founders of eVisit, join the Crux Points podcast to discuss the adoption and success of their telehealth platform, eVisit, how healthcare is currently being disrupted by telehealth technologies, and how healthcare leaders can embrace this disruption.

In this episode of the Crux Points podcast, we hear from an executive with experience leading digital transformation: Andy Gradel of Main Line Health. Listen as Andy shares his thoughts on utilizing empathy during the digital design process, how patient experience can make or break an organization and how to execute personalization without being toopersonal. And, in our Talk Back segment, consumers tell us how they engage with diagnostic services.

In this episode of the Crux Points podcast, we get a unique view on the future of healthcare, especially from the perspective of healthcare systems. Bill Bodnar is the founder and president of The Leaders Board. The Leader’s Board is a healthcare education and networking organization. It offers several focus areas, including strategy & marketing, human resources, population health, patient experience and more. In this episode, Bill shares his thoughts on the top threats to health systems, how hospital systems are approaching the transition to value-based care, his view on the rise of healthcare consumerism and how systems should be prepared and much more.