The Crux Points team is taking this week off, so in the place of a new episode, we’re replaying one of our more popular episodes from earlier this year. This episode is especially relevant today, as telehealth and telemedicine are dominating headlines, whether its providers investing in the adoption of telemedicine or consumers showing a preference for telehealth over in-person visits. Enjoy the episode.

Bret Larsen and Glen McCracken, founders of eVisit, join the Crux Points podcast to discuss the adoption and success of their telehealth platform, eVisit, how healthcare is currently being disrupted by telehealth technologies, and how healthcare leaders can embrace this disruption.

In this episode of the Crux Points podcast, we have an insightful conversation with writer, author and healthcare thought leader Dan Munro. In this episode, Dan shares his thoughts on a number of healthcare-related topics, including interoperability, behavior modification, life in a post-King v. Burwell world and even the idea of single-payer vs. universal coverage. And, in our Talk Back section, we speak with consumers about wearables.