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Jody Allison, Vice President, Transformation, Algonquin Power & Utilities

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This episode’s guest is Jody Allison, Vice President, Transformation at Algonquin Power & Utilities. Algonquin operates a number of renewable energy and regulated utility services across the United States and Canada. 

Jody has been with Algonquin for almost 18 months, so as you might imagine, she has had an interesting experience with COVID-19 changing everything just a few months into her tenure. Jody’s path to leading transformation has come through the finance world, she started as an accountant and spent almost 20 years at Paychex, working in risk management and service strategy before transitioning into the utility industry, first with National Grid and now with Algonquin. 

Many of us may not always think about the utilities industry first when it comes to transformation, but as Jody will share with us, it is a space that is ripe for innovation in a number of areas. Look forward to learning:

  • About Jody’s journey from accounting and risk management to leading transformation at a large utilities organization
  • What transformation looks like in the utilities industry and how it compares to other industries
  • How Jody and the team at Algonquin have successfully continued their transformation efforts even as the COVID-19 pandemic changed so many aspects of their business.

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