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Jennifer Zamora, Senior Global Director Customer Experience & Employee Experience, Dow

Episode details:

This episode’s guest is Jennifer Zamora, Senior Global Director Customer Experience & Employee Experience at Dow. You’ve likely heard of Dow - the materials science company was founded in 1897 and has over 37,000 employees. 

Jen has been with Dow for over 20 years, holding positions across marketing, customer service, and financial areas. For the last several years, her focus has been on deploying the long-term CX strategy and discipline, which includes implementing the customer listening process, institutionalizing a customer-centric culture across Dow and defining and implementing Dow’s transformative customer distinction model and journey mapping practices. 

In this episode, we speak to Jen about what it is like to stand up a new CX initiative in a complex organization like Dow, and what has been key to their success thus far. Look forward to learning:

  • How customer centricity moved from an abstract concept at Dow to becoming a true asset and one of the organization's four key ambitions.  
  • Why humility is so important when you are listening to your customers to truly understand their experiences. 
  • How Jen and her team developed a measurement framework that resonated across the organization.

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