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Patrice Martin, Cofounder + CEO, The Holding Co.

Episode details:

We spend a lot of time on Designing Next talking about experience and innovation for business and organizations. However, in this episode, we are shifting gears a bit  and speaking about applying design principles to challenges that all of use will face at some point in our lives - challenges around care. This episode’s guest is Patrice Martin, Cofounder and CEO of The Holding Co., a lab focused on redesigning on how we care for each other in the 21st century. 

Patrice brings quite a bit of design experience to her role. She spent several years at the design firms Sonic Rim and IDEO before co-founding in 2011. focuses on bringing design thinking to the social sector. Recently, a collaboration between IDEO and Pivotal Ventures, the investment and incubation company by Melinda Gates, led to the creation of the Holding Co. The Holding Co. partners with innovators--for-profit, nonprofit, and government, alike--to build systemic solutions to care and make women and family's lives more functional and joyful. 

The work that Patrice and The Holding Co. does is important and impactful. As Patrice notes in the episode, care is often invisible. We ignore it, we’re used to it and we undervalue it. As a result, we often miss many of the challenges associated with care. Patrice is working to change that. As she shares her journey and work with us, look forward to learning:

  • Why human centered design such a powerful tool as Patrice and the Holding Co. set out to redesign how we care for each other in the 21st century. 
  • How Patrice and the Holding Co. bring together multiple perspectives and disciplines to help solve the challenges they’ve uncovered around care. 
  • How Patrice and her team are working to market-size the care economy and what they are doing to build the systems, tools and structures to make that possible. 

We were certainly inspired by our conversation with Patrice. We hope you are as well. 

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