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Rick Evans, Senior Vice President & Chief Experience Officer, NewYork-Presbyterian

Episode details:

The Designing Next podcast is taking some time off to start the year, so we’re sharing one of our favorite episodes from 2020. We’ll be back with new episodes soon! Please enjoy!- Steve & Chad

In our last episode, we had a wide-ranging discussion with Rick Evans, Senior Vice President & Chief Experience Officer at NewYork-Presbyterian. We covered quite a bit of territory in that conversation, including building better cultures, scaling culture in large organizations and how Rick and the team at NewYork-Presbyterian navigated the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19. 

In this episode, we dig into patient experience in the age of healthcare consumerism. As Rick was truly one of the first Chief Experience Officers in healthcare, he has a lot of perspective on the subject. As Rick shares with us, the patient experience extends far beyond the exam room or waiting room. From what it’s like to make an appointment at most hospital systems to understanding needs throughout the journey, we look at what makes up today’s patient experience from a holistic viewpoint. 

We really enjoyed our time with Rick over these two episodes. In the second part of our interview, you can look forward to hearing: 

  • How Rick sees consumer expectations evolving in healthcare
  • The role that access plays in customer and patient experience design
  • What Rick believes are the most important attributes of the modern healthcare CXO

We hope you enjoy this episode of Designing Next, and learn a bit too!

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