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Nate Rogers, Vice President, Transformation AccelerationOhioHealth

Episode details:

In our first episode of 2021, we focus on transformation and innovation with Nate Rogers, who is Vice-President of Transformation Acceleration at OhioHealth, a large hospital and health system based in Columbus, OH with 35,000 employees serving 47 Ohio counties. Nate has had an interesting journey to his current role leading innovation and transformation at OhioHealth. Before joining OhioHealth, Nate had spent the majority of his career working in retail - specifically leading marketing strategy and innovation at Victoria’s Secret. He was recruited to OhioHealth for a leadership role in digital marketing - specifically to bring a consumer-centric approach to the organization. Since then, Nate has ascended into a new role, leading the innovation team at OhioHealth - a team that truly acts as an internal innovation consultancy across the organization. 

Nate has learned a lot in his time leading innovation at OhioHealth, and in this episode, he shares insights and practices that are valuable to all leaders in innovation and beyond. Look forward to hearing:

  • How OhioHealth and healthcare as a whole have evolved from being provider-centric to consumer-centric
  • How the OhioHealth innovation team operates - from how they prioritize initiatives to the design-thinking approach they bring to their initiatives. 
  • How Nate and his team apply a design-thinking mindset and empathetic approach to both internal and external audiences at OhioHealth. 

We’re grateful to Nate for sharing his experience and knowledge with us. It’s a great episode.

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